Warning! Glossary is not in alphabetical order as Orn has no alphabetical order!
(Also, all spelling mistakes are made for dramatic effect and not for a lack of trying to correct them.)

Orn: The name of the game world. Current date: 9/15/1478. Named for the legendary warrior/sorceress Gahiedlchehfgchoyadietchyvara Orn. As none (not even the warrior herself) could pronounce her first name (as mighty as it is), she and the people took to calling her Orn. The land adopted her name as the name of the known world as is the custom for those whom are able to defeat the Eleven Lords of Orn in single combat.

Gahiedlchehfgchoyadietchyvara Orn: Born: 4/4/1444 under the sign of the Drunken Maiden. The legendary warrior/sorceress that defeated the Eleven Lords of Orn in single combat and won the right to have the known world named after her. (More later)

Eleven Lords of Orn: (More later)


Orn: Immortal Dispair Lance_Bachmeier